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The history of the Knight Templars in Scotland (SKT) is being actively researched by our members,and many others who like us are also interested in this period of our Nation's History. We maintain our proven claim to be the last of the true Knight Templars this based on proven historical facts, not works of fiction.The Sources of all historical facts on our Orders real Christian History are freely available to all researchers. These from the National Library of Scotland, National Records Office, Mitchell Library, and Public Libraries, and varied public and private Archives within, and outwith the Realm of Scotland.

Basically stated we are a Christian Non Masonic Chivalric Organisation. Having told you what we are, let us tell you what we are not.

1. The Order is not associated in any way with Freemasons. we simply note for clarification that we are two totally seperate and distinct Organisations. Each goes its own way.

2. The Order is not associated in any way with any of the self created false groups who call themselves Templars?, or who are not members of; the Autonomous or Magistral Grand Priories. Nor recognised by the OSMTH, or by the Christian Church's, or the Vatican either. This especially includes the Organisation under Redgrave. We do not accept ex members as being Templars.

3. The Order is not a "Secret Society", nor is it a threat to the Democratic Process either.

4. The Order does not require members to act in any way contary to their obligation to their Country.

5. All applicants must be current practising Christians, and Non Masonic.We do not accept Freemasons as Christians. We simply point out that none of our Ranks or Grades are accepted by the Craft.They have their own Masonic Templar Organisation to join, and this agreement was accepted by Grand Lodge Scotland, to thus ensure there was no duplication.

Most of our history has come down to us from our many PRESENT and PAST members. Also this History was gathered over a very long period of time. The information is restricted to our own active members use only. This due to the misuse of it, in book formats some years ago, and books of fiction ever since.

We do not accept any of the unproven claimed links to our Order by false Historians, and by the false claims, based on the forged and fake Masonic Charter of Larmenius. We ask them this? Where is their Historical proof? Which noted Historians support their claims? There are None who support this forgery. They cannot even produce any other historical proof? It is a proven fact that the Scottish Order of the Temple did not die, after the death of Jacque de Molay in 1314. Our Christian Order in Scotland has continued albeit in an altered form as Christians, within the Christian Churches. We have gradually evolved as Ecumenical Christians from 1128 through the 1560's, prior to 1745, and into the present time. We are the last true remments of the Original Christian Templar Order left in the World. No other Knight Templar Order is our Superior. Especially the Portuguese Organisation which is truly and historically proven as Scotland's inferior.

Possibly you like us,will have read many of the various unproven, totally fictional claims being made in the Press, or in the many fictional books about Knight Templars? These all trying to link Freemasonary,and other subjects to the Scottish Knight Templars? We here and now totally reject, and refute any of these false claims. We do not accept Masonic Templars as members,they are referred to the Craft via Grand Lodge by us. This is based on our own Christian Church's decisions, "that they are not Christians". We as true Christians all worship The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore please take any problems with this Church policy matter,up with the various Church's, not with us.

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October 11th 2003
Convocation Georgia

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